Physio Yoga

Phisio Yoga Service Physiotherapy
Physio yoga is the emerging preventive and rehabilitation health care therapy that combines both evidence-based physiotherapy and ancient yoga philosophies resulting in a more holistic approach to your treatment experience.
We use the concept of Patanjali's yoga Darshan by Patanjali Maharshi and the techniques from various Hatha yoga texts
(Hathapradeepika, Gheranda Samhita, Goraksha Samhita etc...).

Intelligence amalgamation of this yogic practices with the sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology to deliver the fullest possible health care to the patients/ clients.

By WHO (World Health Organisation) definition of health “ Health is the state of well- being- physical, mental and social; it is not a mere absence of disease or complaints”.

Raja yoga of Ashtanga yoga gives the mental and spiritual upliftment. Physiotherapy provides physical fitness. So the union of yoga and physio provides complete health and wellness.

Yoga is the path. Physiotherapy is the mean.

Let’s start inhale peace and joy and Exhale tension and stress.

Why Physio yoga?

Physiotherapists are having adequate knowledge about the human body and extensive training, so it is safe and ensure safety to do practice with them. Physio yoga therapist will always do pre-assessment and design a tailor-made treatment plan includes exercise, asanas, pranayamas. Every person is unique so not all asanas are safe so physio yoga therapist will modify the yogic practices of their individual capacity without changing the concept and techniques. Physiotherapists know well is it necessary to make a referral to a specialist or back to your physician. We are the best Physiotherapists in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Our Physios and yoga therapists provide treatment in your place for elderly or needy people of their convenience.