Benefits of Physical Exercises for some Chronic Pain

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February 1, 2017
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Benefits of Physical Exercises for some Chronic Pain

Benefits of Physical Exercise

Benefits of Physical Exercise for some Chronic Conditions.

Chronic Pain:
There are many sources of pain that persist for long periods of time without relief some are difficult to understand. Nevertheless, a large number of adults are victims of chronic pain. Both aerobic exercise and resistance training are currently being prescribed to treat this problem.

Many, if not most, arthritis are in a reconditioned state resulting from a lack of activity. The traditional advice that arthritis should avoid physical activity is now being modified in view of the findings that carefully prescribed exercise can improve general fitness and, in some cases, reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Asthmatics often have physical activity limitations. New evidence suggests that, with proper management, an activity can be a part of their daily life. In fact, when done properly, an activity can reduce airway reactivity and medication use. Because exercise can trigger bronchial constriction. It is important to choose appropriate types of activity and to use inhaled medications to prevent bronchial constriction caused by exercise or other triggers such as cold weather exercise which should be typically avoided.

Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome.

Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome.

Infection diseases are not generally considered to be hypokinetic conditions. However, a regular physical activity that fosters physical fitness and good health may help you to maintain resistance. On the other hand, when the body is fighting an infection, too many exercises can cause a lowered state of resistance.

Premenstrual Syndrome(PMS):
PMS, a mixture of physical and emotional symptoms that occurs prior to menstruation, has many causes. However, currently suggests that changes in lifestyle, including regular exercise, may be effective in relieving PMS symptoms.

The Facts about Physical Activity and Aging:

Approximately 30 percent of about age 70 and over have difficulty with one or more activity of daily living. Women have more limitations than men, and low – income groups have more limitations than higher – income groups. Nearly half get no assistance with the activity in which they are limited.

The inability to function effectively as you grow older is associated with lack of fitness and inactive lifestyles. This loss of function is sometimes referred as “acquired aging” which is opposite to “time- dependent” aging. Because so many people experience limitations in daily activities and often find it difficult to get assistance. It is especially important for older people to stay active and fit. In Africa, Asia, and South America, where older adult maintains an active lifestyle, individuals do not acquire many of the characteristics commonly associated with aging in North America.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

The Surgeon General’s Report indicates that, in general, older adults become much less active than younger adults. Losses in muscle fitness are associated with loss of balance, greater risk of falling, and less ability to function independently.

An important goal of national health is to increase the years of healthy life. Living a longer life is important, but being able to function effectively during all years of life is equally more important. The term “compression” refers to shortening the total number of years that illnesses and disabilities occur. The average person lives to the national average of 76.1 years and has nearly 12 years of illness. Compressing the illness means dramatically decreasing the years of illness. A healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity, have been shown to compress illness and increase years of effective functioning.

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